Coco Fibre Manufacturing Ltd.

Stitched Erosion Control Blankets


  • Moisture absorption: Factor 9 times its dry weight (900%)
  • Retains humidity in the soil and the trapped air beneath it
  • Slows discharge of water
  • Excellent at reducing soil erode-ability
  • Resists temperature and wind extremes: any areas such as semi-desert, sand dunes, alpine regions, where the rapid drying actions of the wind and / or sun makes establishments of vegetation difficult
  • Promotes and protects healthy growth of vegetation
  • Biodegrades within the proper time scale
  • Poses no future problems for farmers, horticulturists or maintenance teams
  • Protects against rain splash erosion and wind erosion
  • Moderates extremes of temperature
  • Protects against direct sun and parchedness
  • Can be laid on any uneven surface
  • Removal is not necessary, as wattles are typically left in place permanently to biodegrade
  • Extremely flexible, Lightweight, easy to stake, and can be installed quickly
  • Minimum amount of labour to install
  • Cost of the erosion product is very competitive with other erosion product on the market
  • Only material cost and installation labour no removal or disposal costs
  • 100% natural and biodegradable
  • Plants can grow through the fabric
  • Easy to cut and join
  • UV resistant vs. synthetics






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