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Coir Logs


Water/ Coir logs are used in managing changes in the stream flow velocity, for shaping channels or stabilizing shorelines. This prevents the wave energy from eroding more of the bank.

Water/ Coir logs are made of 100% coir (coconut) fibre and are bound by a coir netting which lasts 4 to 5 years. They can be easily installed, connected one to another and over time will blend naturally into the aquatic environment.

Water/ Coir logs are installed at the mean annual water level and fixed with wooden stakes. Suitable plants of the shore or reeds zones can be inserted into the top part of the Water/ Coir log. The installation of the Coco logs can be carried out at any time of the year. Sediment deposited in and around the Water/ Coir logs provides an excellent growth medium for plants. As the Water/ Coir logs biodegrades, the plants develop a well established root system in the shoreline sediment to retain the soil in place.

There are different applications for waterlogs. They are used on stream banks as well as on sea and lake shores for controlling the sand slide.


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